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Release Notes

If you don't already have a reference to FlitBit IoC add one using the NuGet command line:

PM> Install-Package FlitBit.IoC

Getting Started

1. Declare Your Wireup Dependency

[assembly: WireupDependency(typeof(FlitBit.IoC.AssemblyWireup))]

2. Annotate Your Default Implementations

public interface IBeNamed
	string Name { get; }

public class A : IBeNamed
	public A() { this.Name = this.GetType().Name; }
	public string Name { get; protected set; }

3. Create

// ...
var something_named = Create.New<IBeNamed>();
// ...


FlitBit IoC is an inversion of control container created to replace the long-standing FlitBit factory component.

This library was born out of a desire to weave code-generation and dynamic implementations into an application at run-time. While it is possible to register dynamic implementations into my former favorite autofac, I wanted to push down the registered implementations to occur on-demand. Not being one to shy away from re-inventing, this library was born.

Other Useful Frameworks

Visit the Core library's page to learn more about the FlitBit Frameworks.

After I get the other frameworks published I'll make another pass and document the interesting parts of this library.

Build Requirements
Some of the command lines rely on Powershell. Ensure your execution policy is permissive enough if you run the batch files or powershells.


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